How to Use Telecalls and Webinars in Your Business Development Efforts

If you have been following my series about business development, then you know there is more to it than just keeping a file of prospects and clients and sending out an occasional email. It’s way more than that and in this article I am going to share a tactic that rounds out the business development strategy by using two different technologies.Would your business look better if you had prospects lined up at your door, inbox or social media gateway? Well you can do this by taking your business development to the next level and one of the ways you do this is by cultivating and maintaining a solid connection.We’ve covered this in detail in previous articles, so I won’t dive further into this topic, but you need to make sure you are always connected and communicating with your current prospects and clients.Two ways that you can advance your business development efforts is by using teleseminars and webinars that provide a friendly, non- intrusive environment for your prospects and clients. This process allows for you to be in front of your prospects and clients whenever you can make the time. They can then participate when they feel comfortable and the time is right for them.By using both of these methods, you can accomplish four things:1. Reconnect with your prospects and/or clients on a continual basis.2. Share information that may be important to their business.3. Test and do research with a captive audience that will probably give you feedback and information that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you.4. The ability to offer up one of your products or services for purchase or demo.So how can you use these two formats to better your ‘biz dev’ efforts?Tele-seminars work well for those that are technically challenged and need a simple way to communicate. It’s also a fantastic method that enables you record the call and then make it available for playback at a later date.Webinars are great when you have lots of visual images and for bigger ticket products or services. They also have the ability to be automated so you can offer your prospects and clients who were not able to make the live session(s).So I want to encourage you to add tele-seminars and webinars to see how they can enhance your business development efforts and maintain a better connection with those who you have contact with.